Bhuvika Plywood Group is a group enterprise integrating production, design, sales and procurement, located in Hanoi, Bhuvika. The products are mainly sold to Bhuvika’s domestic market and exported to the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Mexico, Korea, Japan, China and some Middle East countries.

The company has passed the certification of FSC, CE and CARB, Title VI of TSCA in the United States, fully abiding by international law and protecting forest resources.

  • Plywood for kitchen cabinets ,Wardrobe, bathroom cabinet, furniture
  • Plywood for Construction ,Concrete ,formwork
  • Plywood for Lamination,Laser Cutting ,Cut to Sizes
  • Plywood for vehicles and RV
  • Plywood For Special Applications

15 Years of Experience

Advanced and mature plywood production technology experience, scientific management skills, professional quality control management, first-class logistics company partners, honest and reliable sales concept, perfect and timely after-sales service level.

24/7 Availability

Three shifts a day



Strong Manufacturing

Professionalism is our first productive force.

Easy Communication

Understanding customers is our first production requirement.